Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Commencement of Cool Client's Nifty Kraft Single Stick MS2K Conversion Project

Last week was a very exciting time at Andy's Rec Room and I promise a full disclosure at the appropriate point in time unless Wiki-leaks gets hold of the info first. This week the new design is still under way and I have commenced this conversion of a 1977 Kraft single stick transmitter to a MS2K. A very cool feature will be the client requested dual throttle/collective levers on both sides of the transmitter. This will allow left or right handed use of the radio via a switch. A very cool request that will be a challenge but tons of fun. Here are the first day snaps.

Stay cool fellow RC cats,

Greetings Mr. Kraft!
Backside upon arrival.
Original inside parts.

OK you dirty rat, spill your guts!
Oh dear, so many parts. Spock where do they go?!!!
The keepers.
Unleash the "Nibbler"!

Module in case.

Spektrum DM9 module all fitted.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woody the Mule!

Here are some snaps of the new design prototype's progress. It is in it's first, ultra rough incarnation and a hint of crazy possibilities are here too! The shots do not have the collar installed in the top hole yet. There will be "wings" on the side of the open "cap", for lack of a better description.

The other cap design will be kept as well but this concept would deliver a much lighter rudder assembly and space for buttons or other stuff.



Throttle mock-up

Throttle mock-up

Top 1

Top 2

Wood was chosen to get going

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Rough Drawing ot the New Rudder Block

This is a very rough concept of the aluminum bearing block that will house 2 sealed bearings and the Bourns 1 million rotation conductive plastic pot. Much work ahead!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stop The Presses!

I will be halting production of the current stick because I have completed a new design for the rudder assembly and need the time to finish designing and prototyping the unit.

This new design will have the shaft completely isolated from the pot, run on 2 ball bearings and be lighter and simpler. It is the difference between continuing the project and stopping as the current design is simply too time intensive. I will continue special orders if someone absolutley wants the original over the new design but in very limited numbers.

I am extremely excited about this first stage of the design and will have images soon. The two axis lower assembly will be redesigned as well in a similar manner with full BB support.

Please stay tuned,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revival of a Classic American Beauty

The Micropro 8000 is possibly the last of a truly majestic breed. This striking example has been restored with Gordon Anderson's MS2K encoder and a full metal gimbal and rudder assembly. I enjoy the purpose built design that was punched up by some of the best graphic design of the 1980s. It will serve duty as a 3D single stick. Great work!
Reporting for duty!

A Beautiful Retrofit Project

Here is a snap of a super clean installation of the precision metal rudder assembly in a Multiplex Evo 12. Great work! Hmmm...might have to try fitting one in a DX7.

Some great work done here!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project L-Stick

In case anyone is looking for an ├╝ber-cheap way to get into Single Stick flying and has basic metal working ability, I present the L-Stick. I will not be selling this or making accurate drawings as it is intended as a fun DIY, use at your own risk project. Yes, improper use can result in waking up in Vegas with a very strange bed partner, driving a DeLorean, visiting Mr. Trump's hair stylist or a sudden, uncontrollable urge to use mouthwash!!! For details, please check out the user group. If you use the correct, high tech cap, it evens has instructions on how to use the stick (last photo) ;-)