Monday, February 7, 2011

The Kraft Single Stick is Complete!

Got the Kraft SS finished and had a hoot testing it with my Blade mSR this weekend. Man it's fun to fly a micro heli with a single stick! Here are some snaps of the final transmitter and some build shots.

Keep Flyin'

Front with covers in place
Covers off
Easy access to computer interface
Spektrum DM9 module for compatibility
Custom levers
This one was set up mainly for heli use
Throttle hold and DR switches also handle option and preset 
via a momemtary position at the bottom of the switch
Spock! I think I got your brain back in!!!

Setting up the ppm/serial cable. Gotta talk to the world!
Centering pots
Lcd bumper and encoder mounts

Encoder mounts. These get CA glued to the case
Lcd bumper
E-trim resistance networks
Custom levers and pot mounts

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