Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Commencement of Cool Client's Nifty Kraft Single Stick MS2K Conversion Project

Last week was a very exciting time at Andy's Rec Room and I promise a full disclosure at the appropriate point in time unless Wiki-leaks gets hold of the info first. This week the new design is still under way and I have commenced this conversion of a 1977 Kraft single stick transmitter to a MS2K. A very cool feature will be the client requested dual throttle/collective levers on both sides of the transmitter. This will allow left or right handed use of the radio via a switch. A very cool request that will be a challenge but tons of fun. Here are the first day snaps.

Stay cool fellow RC cats,

Greetings Mr. Kraft!
Backside upon arrival.
Original inside parts.

OK you dirty rat, spill your guts!
Oh dear, so many parts. Spock where do they go?!!!
The keepers.
Unleash the "Nibbler"!

Module in case.

Spektrum DM9 module all fitted.

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